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Speaking with orthodontists and orthodontic staff, one of the most common questions I receive is:  “We’ve set our office up on Facebook, but we have no idea what to do next.  What exactly should we be posting?”

More and more, one of the simplest and most effective means of “getting yourself out there” is with video footage shot by you and your staff.  With the rise and spread of inexpensive digital video recorders, there’s just no reason to not start shooting video of you and your practice today.

In a previous post, we covered exactly how to get started using a simple video camera for educational purposes, and how videos can easily be created without a major investment in equipment or software.   If you’ve not looked at this article, now is a great time to familiarize yourself with the concept.

Once you’re up to speed, the next natural step is to figure out just what sorts of videos to record.  In my experience, you will want to begin with something short and simple:  “Meet Your Orthodontist.”

The purpose for shooting this “Getting to Know You” video first is two-fold.  First off, it’s an easy one to shoot and edit.  You’re simply setting up a camera on yourself and speaking from the heart (for two to three minutes) about who you are and why you love being an orthodontist.  Secondly, this single, short piece of video goes to the heart of why you should be involved with video and social media in the first place: Putting a real human face out there for your practice.

By putting yourself out front and explaining who you are, you put yourself ahead of competitors who choose not to participate in social media, or who have chosen not to use video.  It also has the added bonus of making you a familiar face before they ever walk through your doors.  This is an intangible that should not be easily dismissed.

Once you’ve completed this important first video introducing yourself, it is time to think about other ways you can welcome newcomers to your office via video. A brief “Office Tour” video is a wonderful way to do this, followed up later by a “Meet the Staff” video.  From there, a good approach is move on to another series of short videos, each based on a single frequent question you commonly receive from concerned patients.  By briefly answering these sorts of questions in a warm and personal manner, you’re doing something very positive for your practice, at almost no cost whatsoever.

Finally, to supplement your videos, you can then use pieces created by the AAO, including professionally produced tutorials and testimonials.  These are available in the Practice Marketing Solutions area of the AAO Member web site at

The real key here is to simply get started.  Why not make 2013 be the year where you finally reach out via video? Begin by simply telling the world and your potential patients just who you are. If you have any questions about how to get started shooting video for your practice, please contact me.   I am always happy to assist.

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  1. No need for makeup unless you really want to. These videos are most effective when done in an informal fashion. Never let lack of makeup or a fancy camera stop you from shooting something. Good luck!

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